Private Events

The unique natural setting and charming atmosphere make The Park Hotel San Michele the ideal choice for weddings, ceremonies, anniversaries and whatever you need to celebrate that deserves the utmost attention.

Style and table settings

Hotel Martina Franca, Sala Ricevimenti Martina Franca, Banchetti, Cerimonie, Eventi, Banchetti Any event is a collection of important moments. We realise that detail is just as important and thanks to this every event is treated with the utmost care , nothing is left to chance. Every event is organized in a unique style right down to the minimum detail.


Hotel Martina Franca, Ambienti esterni, Parco Secolare, Eventi, Cerimonie, Nozze, Hotel 4 stelle Lawns, gardens, large green areas are the settings for events. The Park Hotel San Michele has 3 external areas (Prato America: seats up to 250 people, Prato Italia: seats up to 150 people, Porticato: seats up to 100 people), 3 internal areas: Sala America: seats 220 people, Sala Italia: seats 150 people, Sala Caminetto: seats 50 people). We also have other reserved lounge areas for smaller events.

The Park

Hotel Martina Franca, Parco secolare, Eventi, Nozze, Cerimonie, Battesimi, Compleanni, Comunioni, Anniversari, Festività Holm oaks, pine trees, palms are just some of the trees that can be found in the 5000 mq grounds surrounding The Park Hotel San Michele. There are a variety of secular plants, flowers, a magical backdrop for any event.

Internal Halls

Hotel Martina Franca, Sale, Sposi, Nozze, Eventi, Festività, Cerimonia, Comunione, Cresime, Anniversari, Battesimo Spacious and elegant the internal halls are the ideal setting for any invent especially during the cold winter season.

Outside wedding event

Hotel Martina Franca, Matrimonio sul Prato, Eventi sul prato, Cerimonie parco, Ambiente esterno The green surroundings are a perfect backdrop for an outside wedding venue with total freedom away fom closed environments.

The Wedding menu

Hotel Martina Franca, Menù nuziali, prodotti tipici, cucina locale, prodotti chilometro zero, cucina tradizionale, tradizione Martin Franca Each menu is a story in itself, an alchemy of taste and sensations. Particularities that reflect the vocation of every couple.Some of our proposals and suggestions are just a starting point and a first step to creating your menu.